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Our network connects Swedish industry experts within IT and telecommunication to influence the development of standards. Become a member and help shape the products and services of the future!


Become a part of the standard world

When your organization become a member of ITS, you and your co-workers get to contribute with opinions, interests and skills in the European and international standard development. Becoming a member is also a smart way of staying up to date on all things ICT, since it gives you insight into future laws, requirements, and regulations related to radio communication, cyber security, and energy consumption.

All Swedish companies, authorities, and organizations are welcome to become member of ITS.

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What's Included in the Membership?

When your organization joins ITS, everyone within the organization who is interested in getting involved to influence the development of standards is welcome! For example, that can mean:

  • The opportunity to participate in the European and international development of ICT standards.
  • Those who want are welcome to participate in our working groups where they can help develop technical specifications and participate in voting on standards.
  • You become part of an innovative network of industry experts where you get to exchange knowledge, brainstorm ideas, and make new contacts.
  • You get direct contact with people who have detailed knowledge about previous standards and get the opportunity to ask them questions.
  • Newsletters and up-to-date information on everything important happening in the world of ICT standards.

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