Bettina Funk from ITS elected as the new Chair of the ETSI GA!


On 29 and 30 November, ETSI held its 80th General Assembly in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The agenda included the election of a new Chair and two Vice Chairs.

Bettina Funk from ITS, the Swedish National Standardization Organization (NSO), was elected as the new Chair of the ETSI GA for a two-year mandate. An ETSI Board member since 2020, Bettina brings extensive experience in standardization at ETSI, 3GPP and IEC, both with the German Federal Network Agency and later with PTS, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

Having an NSO representative chairing the General Assembly is a first in ETSI. This outlines the prominent role of NSOs in ETSI and is aligned with the new European Commission Standardization Strategy.

Bettina will work to ensure that ETSI continues to have a strong foothold in international standardization, as a stable European standardization organization. To achieve this, she will lead the change process previously initiated within ETSI.

Bettina’s goal is to help ETSI’s members bridge the gap between different actors at a time when social and political polarization is increasing, which affects their willingness to cooperate. With her strong belief in and experience in leading large groups with widely differing interests, she knows what it takes to reach consensus. With a goal-oriented yet pragmatic approach combined with great openness and motivation, Bettina is a leader who is trusted to keep ETSI abreast of the ever-changing world.

Don’t miss Network X, 18-20 October 2022 in Amsterdam!


Network X is where the telecom and mobile industry comes together to spark powerful debates and connections. This is the new home of the long-running 5G World and Broadband World Forum, which will be joined by the newly launched Telco Cloud, designed to cover the full spectrum of the telecoms ecosystem. ETSI and 3GPP will have a joint exhibition stand presence in 5G World (stand #G22) and will actively contribute to the conference programme, with several sessions and speakers featured.

  • A tour through the ETSI network automation landscape – 18th October, 2pm-4.30pm
  • ETSI F5G and Broadband Forum: Jointly Evolving towards Fibre to
    Everything & Everywhere – 19th October, 11am-1pm
  • Tech Discovery: ETSI Hackfest takeover – 19th October, 3.15pm-3.45pm
  • Panel discussion: Technologies that will transform the network and
    telco services, moderated by Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO – 20th October, 11am-

The full programme is available on the Network X online agenda.

ETSI will also co-locate its OpenSourceMANO and TeraFlowSDN Hackfests at the event. The Hackfests will take the form of tutorials featuring OSM Release TWELVE and TeraFlow Release 1 respectively, that are meant for participants to build their own OSM & TFS hands-on experience. For more information please visit: OSM Hackfest and TFS Hackfest.

New report on IPV6-based Blockchain!


ETSI has just released ETSI GR IPE 012, a new IPv6 Enhanced innovation (IPE) Group Report “IPv6-based Blockchain”. The report outlines how IPv6 can be utilized by blockchain networks to secure direct peer-to-peer payments between end users, as well as the potential future role of IPv6 as vital infrastructure supporting the blockchain.

You can find the report here: ETSI GR IPE 012

In 2008, Bitcoin created a breakthrough in peer-to-peer electronic cash and payments. This paradigm enabled payments to be sent inexpensively over the Internet, allowing peers to use IP addresses to communicate and complete transactions directly between one another via the blockchain.Despite its potential, this mechanism for direct payments using IP addresses was later deprecated due to the high risk of cyber attacks and hacking that were associated with the IPv4-based Internet infrastructure at the time.

In this report, the model for peer-to-peer blockchain payments is revisited in the context of modern Internet protocols, such as DNSSEC and IPv6. An outline is provided, examining how direct online payments could be reintroduced into the blockchain ecosystem by leveraging these secure modern technologies. In particular, the report outlines key management strategies that can be used to link IPv6 addresses with blockchain payments, facilitating both online and offline exchanges of value.The report further details a variety of applications that can be supported by the integration of IPv6 and cryptographically generated addresses (CGA) with blockchain. An example of this would be an on-chain private IP-to-IP messaging application.

If you want to be part of the next report on this issue or you want to apply for your organization to become a member of ITS, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here!

ETSI IoT Week, “Pursuing Digital and Green Transformation 2022!


The 2022 edition of the ETSI IoT Week, “Pursuing Digital and Green Transformation”, will take place physically in ETSI premises, Sophia Antipolis, France, on 10-14 October 2022.

The ETSI IoT Week consists of a series of events: a tutorial on ontologies and semantic interoperability for IoT on 10 October, the ETSI IoT Conference on 11-14 October with demonstrations on 11-13 October.

The event will offer the community an up-to-date overview of the major European and global trends in IoT services, technology innovations, deployments, and the relevant standardization work, highlighting new initiatives and directions of IoT in the context of green and digital transformation.

The ETSI IoT Week will be of particular interest to organizations and stakeholders (including verticals) interested in the service and operational areas of IoT: industry, SMEs, R&D and academia, decision and policy makers, users of the IoT standards such as cities, governments, and societal actors.

The event will focus on:

  • IoT technologies and innovations (semantics and ontologies, digital twins, IoT and edge, IoT and AI among others).
  • IoT for a better life, including digital and green transformation and eHealth.
  • Horizontal ETSI IoT standards for the vertical business sectors.

The ETSI IoT Week is an excellent opportunity to network with other IoT stakeholders and actively contribute to the shaping of future IoT solutions and standards. Read more about the event and register here!

If you want to know more about ETSI or related activities contact ITS here!

Save the date! A Day of Teaching Standardization.


ETSI is pleased to invite the international teaching community to its first face-to-face seminar on teaching standardization. Professors, lecturers, and other teaching professionals will gather at ETSI on 6 October with the aim of forming the next generation of ICT Standards People.

Read more about the event here:

As one of the leading standards bodies for ICT in Europe, and officially recognized by the European Union, ETSI has developed a textbook and a set of teaching materials on ICT standardization. Its 2nd edition, published in February 2022, “Understanding ICT Standardization: Principles and Practice”, was produced together with an extensive set of nearly 400 slides to be used as teaching aids. The teaching materials are versatile, may be used in full or in parts, and are suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, whether focusing on technical, legal, or commercial aspects.

The textbook is available free of charge to all. Complimentary comprehensive slide sets are available exclusively for teaching staff and upon request.

ETSI is currently partnering with almost 50 European universities, which have successfully integrated ICT standardization into their students’ curriculum, thus adding specific value to the course content. We offer advice and support to academic institutions that would like to follow such a path.

By joining the one-day event on 6 October,  university professors, lecturers, and other teaching professionals have the opportunity to cover the different aspects of ICT standardization and quickly grasp how to make the best use of the materials. Hosted in ETSI’s headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, ‘the Silicon Valley of Europe’, it offers a unique opportunity to meet the authors of the teaching materials and to provide comments and feedback. Furthermore, it is an excellent occasion to connect with the academic community and exchange best practices during the networking cocktail at the end of the day.

Find out more and register here for this free-of-charge event.

We look forward to welcoming you to the French Riviera!

ETSI releases its Annual Report and Work Program 2022-2023!


ETSI has just released its two activity documents, the Annual Report that looks back on 2021 achievements and the forward looking 2022-2023 Work Program.

The Annual Report gives an overview of the work of ETSI’s technical groups along with the status of partnership activities, interoperability events, the number of deliverables published and financial statements for 2021. With over 1 800 standards and specifications released despite a once more challenging year, with no physical meetings, ETSI processes proved resilient to support the members’ activity.Here you can read the complete report:

The Work Program highlights the upcoming activities of our Technical Committees, Industry Specification Groups and other bodies that create standards and associated deliverables for a vast range of technologies, market sectors and user needs.

A sharpened focus on AI, cybersecurity extending in several exciting areas, 6G pre-research standardization with a group on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Augmented Reality, Advanced Mobile Location for emergency communications, the partnership projects 3GPP and oneM2M, are some of the areas addressed in the current and upcoming activities.

This Work Program demonstrates the scale and diversity of ETSI’s standardization activities. To know more about them and keep up to date with new initiatives and specifications, read it here:

Quality of speech – the new ETSI speech codec in network planning!


ETSI TC STQ (Speech and multimedia Transmission Quality) is calling for experts in a Testing Task Force (TTF) on characterization of the New ETSI speech codec based on subjective Test data bases.

The new ETSI TTF T021 extends a previous ETSI TTF T005, in which the new ETSI speech codec was tested for performance and quality, using controlled subjective listening tests with panels of male and female listeners, who rated the quality of speech from a mix of male and female talkers.  

After completion of TTF T005, and the announcement of the results to other standards development organizations, there was a request to ETSI TC STQ from ITU-T Study Group 12, to provide information on how the new ETSI speech codec can be used in network planning, and to determine how well an instrumental measure of speech quality, ITU-T P.863, predicts the subjective quality found in ETSI TTF T005. 

This new project of ETSI TTF T021 will build on the results from ETSI TTF T005 and will perform the work required to fully respond to the ITU-T request.

If you want to be a part of this Testing Task Force but are not yet member of ETSI, contact ITS for more information.