WG “Standards Approval”

1. Terms of Reference

This document defines terms of reference for the Working Group “Standards Approval”.

2. Scope

The scope of this group is

  • the development of Swedish national positions on ETSI standards within its responsibility,
  • the development on comments, if necessary, on these ETSI standards,
  • the development of proposals to the ITS board on how to vote on these ETSI standards during the EN approval procedure and the Two Step Approval Procedure,
  • the translation of ETSI EN titles to Swedish for the listing of these standards in the OJEU.

3. Objective

The objective of this group is provide ITS with a national position on ETSI standards to enable ITS to execute the Swedish vote on these standards during the ETSI EN approval procedure and the Two Step Approval Procedure and the translation of ETSI EN titles for the listing in the OJEU.

4. Timeline

The mandate for this group is valid until decided otherwise by the ITS Board.

5. Responsibilities

The group is responsible for all ETSI standards in the EN approval procedure within the areas of radio, EMC for radio products and telecommunication. For topics where there are other groups concerned within ITS, this WG shall ask for their comments before taking a decision.

6. Ways of working

The group will meet normally four (4) times a year. Meetings are primarily face-to-face meetings.

Minutes of meetings should be made available to all members of this group and the ITS Board.

The group shall propose a chair to the ITS Board for approval and may select a secretary.

The term of office of the chair is 2 years.

Meetings should be called and chaired by the chair, alternatively by its secretary or the person representing ITS, by emails as well as invitation by calendar.

Members are invited to communicate their presence or absence before the meeting.

The meeting should aim to give a recommendation to ITS to vote either “yes” or “no” on a standard. If this is not possible, the meeting should at least try to agree to vote “abstain”. If the meeting cannot reach consensus at all (including to vote “abstain”), the topic of disagreement needs to be brought to the ITS Board for decision.

7. Membership

The group is open for participation to all ITS members and non-ITS members if invited for a specific topic by the chair of the group. It should include companies, organisations, institutions and state authorities that operate within the areas of this group’s responsibility.


Milan Basic, Ericsson AB