We build networks for communication standards

As digital communication has grown immensely, so have the requirements of connectivity – for both people and machines.  In order to ensure the level of connectivity expected today, we need standards and common approaches. And that’s where ITS comes in!


Bettina Funk from ITS elected as the new Chair of the ETSI GA!

On 29 and 30 November, ETSI held its 80th General Assembly in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The agenda included the election of a new Chair and two Vice Chairs. Bettina Funk from ITS, the Swedish National Standardization...

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Standards and ITS documents

To ensure that products, services, and systems are safe, reliable, and able to coexist with other products, services, and systems in their environments, documents with clear specifications, procedures, and guidelines have been created. We’ve gathered all those documents here to make them easily accessible to anyone who might need them.

You can download standards and ITS documents here
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Help Shape the Communication of the Future

Our network brings Swedish industry experts from the IT and telecommunications world together to shape and influence the development of industry standards. Become a member and help shape the telecommunications of the future!

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About ITS

ITS sets the national standards

As digital communication has grown immensely, so have the connectivity requirements – for both people and machines. Our job is to ensure the level of connectivity expected today, using standards and common approaches.

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For the digital and green transformation

All of our technical work is done in groups where experts meet to discuss aspects that a standard should cover, the standard development, and suggestions from our members. A particular team then carries out the national vote on European and harmonized European standards.

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