ITS has stopped the transposition of ETSI EN 300 000 telecommunication series standards to Swedish Standards

ITS has stopped the transposition of ETSI EN 300 000 telecommunication series standards  to Swedish Standards

The Swedish regulation, SFS 1994:2029, Förordning om tekniska regler states:

§ 4 An Authority, who aims to change or withdraw a technical regulation or to adopt a new, should analyse if there is an international or European standard within the area and investigate if it is possible to adjust the regulation to the standard. This is also valid for proposal for such standards. The Authority should under such circumstances elaborate the regulation so it will be in line with the standard. (Free translation by the editor.)

It is clearly shown that references shall be made to international or European standards. This is also the objective in the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and the EU 98/34/CEC Directive.

Equivalent rules are used in public procurement.

At a meeting in the EU 98/34 Directive Committee in January 2002 it was noted:

The chairman, Mr E Vardakas, concluded that this proposal is a national matter. Each NSO has its national regulation to follow, including the responsibilities to withdraw national conflicting standards. A national catalogue should be made available indicating the equivalence between the European and national standards.

In line with these statements the Board of ITS has decided, as by 2002-03-01, that ITS should cease the transposition of ETSI EN 300 000 series standards into Swedish Standards and withdraw any conflicting Swedish national standards when new ETSI EN standards are adopted. This decision has been confirmed the by the Board of the Swedish Standards Council, SSR (replaced from 2012 by ”Sveriges Standardiseringsförbund”).

ITS will not withdraw already adopted standards.

The decisions taken by ITS and SSR imply that ETSI EN standards are equivalent to transposed Swedish standards.